By | November 9, 2017

CHB Chandigarh has announced the final list of 444 eligible applicants for PMAY Chandigarh, Earlier CHB has published list of eligible and ineligible applicants in the month of November. Chandigarh Housing Board has invited objections till 23 November after which CHB has published final list of applicants for PMAY Chandigarh. The new list includes around 200 more applicants who were left due to some error, after successfully raising objections and found to be eligible there names are also included in the final list

Download Final List of 444 Applicants for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Chandigarh

The draw result of PM Awas Yojana Chandigarh is published on website The result of both BLC (Beneficiary Led Component and Affordable Housing in Partnership) has been announced. Applicants who have applied of Chandigarh housing Board Awas Yojana can check result online.

The list of 239 eligible candidates is published and a list of 9484 applicant is also published who still have a chance till 22 Nov 2017 to file objection. 

There is a good news for the applicant of PMAY Chandigarh scheme as the CHB after screening the applications for PM Awas Yojana Chandigarh has published the provisional list of candidates who are eligible to get a house under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Chandigarh. To check the draw result one has to check the official website of Chandigarh Housing Baord and check his name in the Eligible candidate list. If the name is not present in the list check the other list which says “provisional list of ineligible candidates ” to check the objections.

Check Chandigarh PM Awas Yojana Result

Candidates searching for CHB PM Awas Yojana Result can follow the following steps to check PM Awas Yojana Chandigarh Result

Step-1: To check your name in PMAY Chandigarh Eligible Applicants List, visit the official site of CHB Chandigarh at Here you will see an area, Latest Notification like this:


Step 2: Click on the list you want to check, If you have any problem in checking the result you can also click on the links given below to check the detailed list

Check : Provisional Eligible List of Applicant for PM Awas Yojana Chandigarh Affordable Housing in Partnership

Check : >Provisional Ineligible Applicant for PMAY Chandigarh under BLC Category

check : >Provisional Ineligible List of Applicant with Objection for CHB Awas Yojana



Step-3: Once you click on any of the link a new page will open, Wait for page to load properly then you will see the lst of applicant eligible or ineligible. The search option is not available on the page So if you have to check your name you have to click on next i pdf file till you reach your name.