By | April 1, 2017

Vijaywada Municipal Corporation property tax payment can be done online if you know the right approach. Paying your house tax or property tax timely is very essential for every home owner. Doing ourvmc property tax payment timely not only save you from getting into the eyes of vmc tax wing but also shows that you are a responsible citizen. In this article, we will learn how to pay Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Property tax online. – Property Tax Calculator

The good part about the website is that it allows users to caluclate thier property tax dues. Knowing the exact figures of your property tax right before you go for house tax payment in Vijaywada is simply awesome.

Click on the link given below to know your property tax dues

calculate vmc property tax dues

Post clicking the link, following screen will appear:

ourvmc property tax

You need to enter your Assessment Number in the required fields to check your house tax dues.

How to Pay Property Tax Online in Vijayawada Municipal Corporation

Step-1: Go to Vijayawada Official Website

Step-2: Click on “Online Payment” tab

vmc property tax payment

Step-3: Select “Property Tax” from the list and click on “Submit”

property tax payment in vijayawada

Step-4: Enter your “Assessment Number” and click on “Submit”

vijaywada house tax online payment

Enter your property details and pay your VMC property tax easily.

As simple as that.

Hope this works for you.

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