By | July 21, 2017

The state government of Mumbai is all set roll out new housing scheme Mahakamgar Awas Yojana for construction workers. The scheme will launched under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship mission, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Mumbai Housing Board will construct 2.5 lakh affordable homes for people working as construction workers in the state.

In Mumbai Mahakamgar housing scheme, 80% cost of the flat will be paid by the state government wheras, the applicant has to pay only 20% of total cost of the flat. Mumbai used to launch housing schemes for mill workers and other section of society. But for the first time, a special scheme for construction workers is being planned.

Highlights of Mahakamgar Awas Yojana, Mumbai

  • This is a housing scheme in which 2.5 lakh flats will be constructed and distributed to construction workers living in the state
  • The scheme comes under PMAY mission of Prime Minister Narenra Modi
  • The tentative cost of each housing unit is 6 Lakh. However the per square meter area of these flats will be  25-30 Sqm
  • Out of 2.5 lakh housing units, 50,000 flats will be constrcuted by the end of this year
  • Remaining 2 lakh flats will be constructed in coming 4 years
  • Construction workers registered under Maharashtra Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board only be eligible for the scheme
  • Another eligibilty to avail MHADA Mahakamgar housing scheme will be that the applicant must be a native of Mumbai.

For the construction work, applications are invited from promoters & developers who are employing 10 or more workers within city limit. They will be facilitating their workers for the scheme.

MHADA & Worker Welfare Board will work as a joint venture for the scheme. Land will be provided by private builders while MHADA will provide FSI of 2.5. Responsibility of designing, building & financing has been given to builders.

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