By | May 8, 2017 is an online web portal using which one can pay online property tax in Faridabad. No only this, one can also check Property Tax details by entering the credentials of the property on the MCF Faridabad web portal. When it comes to paying property tax or house tax, most of the people chose the offline method in which they visit the Municipal Corporation Head office of the state. This process not only takes time but also demands more efforts as compared to online method.

A very few people know that they can actually save time and efforts by opting the online method to pay property tax. In this particular article, we will learn how to pay property tax online in Faridabad. You will also learn about online payment of MCF Faridabad Water Bill, Sewerage Charges, Development Charges etc.

MCF Faridabad Property Tax Online Payment Methiod

If you want to pay house tax or any other property related payment online in Faridabad Municipal Corporation, then follow the steps given below in the sequence they are mentioned:

Step-1: Go to This is the official website of Faridabad Municipal Corporation.

The website will look like this:


Step-2: Scroll down to Online Services section. You will see an option “Online Payment” under this section. Click on this option.

For reference, you can view the screenshot given below:

mcf faridabad online property tax

Step-3: After clicking on “Online Payment” option, you will see an online form for Faridabad property tax payment. Fill this form completely to proceed further.

The form will look like this:

pay property tax online mcf faridabad

As you can see, columns like Transaction No., City, State, Pin Code, Head for Payment, Remarks will be automatically filled. You need to enter the remaining details including

  • Amount to Pay to MCF
  • Property ID( Don’t know Property ID?, Read till end of the article)
  • Name of the Property Owner
  • Property Address
  • Mobile No.
  • Email Address

After filling these details and checking the Terms and Conditions box, click on Pay Now button.

Step-4: If all the information entered by you is correct and valid, then you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you can pay property tax online payment using credit card/debit card/netbanking, mobile payment, wallet, UPI.

That’s it. You have successfully paid MCF Faridabad Property Tax online.

How to Know Property ID – MCF Faridabad

While making online payment of Faridabad property tax, you will be asked to enter the property ID. If you do not know your property ID, you can check the same using the steps given below:

Step-1: Under the Online Services section, there is an option of Property Tax Details, click on that.

Step-2: After clicking on this option, “Know about your Property Tax Details” page will appear.

The page will look like this:

faridabad property tax payment

Step-3: Enter any one of the following property details:

  • House No.
  • Sector
  • Property ID
  • Owner Name

After you enter any one of the above-mentioned details, Select Zone and Sector/Colony from the remaining two options.

Finally click on Search button

You can check the property ID from the page appearing on your screen after clicking on Search button. This is how it looks like:

mcf faridabad property id

Hope you find this information useful.

Thanks for reading the article, How to Pay Online Property Tax in Faridabad Municipal Corporation.