By | June 30, 2017

New housing scheme of DDA allows applicants to apply online for the scheme. All the 8 banks authorized for the sale and receipt of DDA Awasiya Yojana 2017 application forms offer online submission of forms. But, before you start filling the form, read the general instructions given by Delhi Development Authority to fill the application form. Also, you can take help from the step by step guide to apply online for DDA Awas Yojana under PMAY.

General Instructions Before You Apply for DDA 2017 Housing Scheme

  • The Email ID used for filling up your application must belong to the applicant. Ensure that the Email ID must be valid and functional. There is no scope for changing the Email ID in future.
  • Another important point is that the applicant should have completed 18 years of age as on the date of submitting the application.  Also,he/she should mentioncorrect PAN No.
  • The application form without this information shall be considered incomplete and is liable to be rejected (Please refer to point (I) of Other General Conditions of Brochure).
  • Before filling up the application form, applicants have to scan and store the following documents as seperate files. The same needs to be uploaded during the filling online application process.
  • a) Applicant Passport size photo which should be in jpg format and not exceed 50kb in size.
  • b) Applicant Signature which should be in jpg format and not exceed 50kb in size.
  • Joint Application must be in blood relation or spouse. In case of Joint Applicant, applicants have to mention the name of Joint Applicant and the relation of the applicant with the joint applicant (that is, if the applicant is husband and the joint applicant is wife, relation column will be filled as WIFE) and also upload the scan image of photograph and signature of joint applicant. (Please refer to point (XII) and (XIII) of Eligiblity of Brochure)
  • c) Applicant’s Joint passport size photo which should be in jpg format and not exceed 50kb in size.
  • d) Applicant Joint Signature which should be in jpg format and not exceed 50kb in size.
  • Please ensure that above documents are legible and readable. Applicant/Applicant’s Joint should scan his/her signature (on white  paper with Black Ink pen).
  • In case of both husband and wife apply seprately, applicants have to mention Application No of the spouse.
  • The fields Red Star (*) marks in online Applicant Form are mandatory and essential to be filled in by the applicant.

How to Apply for DDA Awasiya Yojana 2017 Online from Portal

Go to website and click on “DDA AAWASIYA YOJANA 2017” link

Step-I.  Registration

In Part-I, applicant who want to apply will have to register himself/herself by entering basic information like Applicant Name, Date of Birth, PAN No, Mobile No, and Email-Id. Registration Form is available on the left side menu in DDA AAWASIYA YOJANA 2017 website. On submission of details, userid and password will be sent to you automatically through registered email to fill the Application Form.

Step-II. Filling personal details, Bank details, address details, selection of category and locations preferences, uploading photo and signature

1. In Part-II, applicant will have to log on by entering userid and password provided through email to access the Application Form.

2.  On successful logging, application form screen will be displayed for filling along with following options. All options is available on the left side menu in DDA AAWASIYA YOJANA 2017 website.

a) Application Form                        : To fill application form

b) Change Password                       : To change password

c) Log Out                                      : To log out the software

3. There are two button on Application Form. One is “Draft Submit” button and other is “Final Submit” button.
On pressing “Draft Submit” button, application details is saved in draft mode. On pressing “Final Submit”, application Form is submitted final and can not be edited after final submission.

4.Fill the personal details, Bank details, address details, joint applicant details and select the category and locations preferences in the application form.

5.Upload the scan image of photograph and signature of applicant and joint applicant (if any).

6.At the botton of the page, there is a declaration for the applicant. Applicants are advised to go through the contents of the declaration carefully.

7.Select the check box of declaration by clicking on it and then submit the application form in draft submit /final submit mode.
In draft mode, applicant can edit the application details within three days from the date of first submission of Application Form. In final submit mode, applicant can submit the application details final.

8.After submitting application form in draft or final mode, submission screen will be displayed showing Application Form No, Submission Date and Registration Amount for making payment. Following options are also displayed on left size menu :

a) Edit Application Form                 : To submit final after edit/update application details  b) Print Application Form               : To print filled application details

c) Make Payment                             : To make payment

d) Change Password                        : To change password

e) Log Out                                          : To log out the software

Step-III.  Payment of Registration Amount

1.Once the Application Form has been submitted final, applicant can not edit application details thereafter but can pay registration amount through Net Banking or by cash through challan. Make Payment option is available on the next screen at the time of submitting the form final and is also available on the left side menu in DDA AAWASIYA YOJANA 2017 website.

2.After clicking on Make Payment option, next screen will be displayed with showing application form no, amount and provision of making payment. Applicant has to make payment to complete the process of application form.

3.On clicking “Make Payment” button, a next page opens up indicating Application Form No and showing two payment options “NEFT/RTGS” and “Net Banking”.

4.If applicant selects “NEFT/RTGS” option, applicant has to select bank for generating challan and then submit. Challan will be display in next screen and take printout of challan generated online and deposit registration amount in any bank where his/her account is exist.

5.If applicant selects  “Net Banking” option, applicant has to select bank for making payment online through respective bank website.

6.At last, after successful completion of your payment process, next page i.e. Acknowledge Slip will be displayed showing payment details.

7.There is also provision to take printout the Acknowledge Slip if not printed earlier after payment. This facility is available in “Make Payment” page.

Note : Applicants are allowed to complete application process (i.e final submission of Application Form and Payment) within three days (72 hours) from the time of first submission of Application Form or 12 midnight of closing of DDA AAWASIYA YOJANA 2017 whichever is earlier.