By | January 31, 2017

The Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation announces HIDCO Lottery 2017 for the needy people of town. The authority invites applications for the allotment of HIDCO Plots located in Action Area-IIB, New Town, Kolkata. The plots under the HIDCO Plot Lottery 2017 will be allotted through lottery on 99 years leasehold basis.The scheme has been announced in the Kolkata Book Fair 2017 in which the scheme brochure is released by the concerned authority.

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HIDCO Plots Lottery 2017 is a much awaited housing scheme launched by Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation. As per the contents of scheme booklet, HIDCO Housing Scheme 2017 will be a paperless scheme. The complete process to apply and book HIDCO Plot under HIDCO Lottery 2017 will be online. Applicants willing to book HIDCO Plot have to apply online for HIDCO Plots Lottery 2017.

The scheme will start on 31 January 2017 and online applications for it will run till 30 April 2017. Applications will be made online and ICICI bank will be responsible for all kinds of online activities done for HIDCO Lottery 2017.

HIDCO Lottery 2017 Plot Details

A total of 100 plots are on offer under HIDCO Lottery 2017. Out of these 100 plots, only 75 plots are available for residential allotment and remaining 25 plots are to be auctioned later for co-operative flats. The size of residential HIDCO plots varies from 2-4 Kottah(1440-2880 Sq.Fts). The size of plots reserved for cooperative flats is 5-6 Kottah(3600-4320 Sq.Fts).

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For individuals, there will be 33 HIG Plots and 25 MIG plots. However, for Co-operative societies, 17 plots are being reserved as under HIG and MIG category. The complete description of plots is given below:

HIDCO Lottery 2017

HIDCO Lottery 2017 Payment Plan

Hidco Plot Lottery 2017

The price of HIDCO plot under HIDCO housing scheme 2017 lies in the range of Rs. 29,72,433, Rs. 60, 80, 890, Rs. 70, 82, 786, Rs. 47, 11, 317, and Rs. 87, 27, 008 for MIG(I), MIG(C), HIG(I), and HIG(C). Besides this, there is fixed amount of money to be paid as Application Money to the Authority which is 1 Lakh for MIG plots and 1.5 Lakh for HIG plots. Also applicants have to pay Rs. 300/- as Processing Fee while applying online for HIDCo Lottery 2017.

**MIG(I) means Medium Income Group for Individuals

**MIG(C) means Medium Income Group for Co-operative Societies

**HIG(I) means High Income Group for Individuals

**HIG(C) means High Income Group for Co-operative Societies

HIDCO Lottery 2017 payment plan

To know more, visit the HIDCO Lottery 2017 Help Desk at Rabindra Tirtha, Gate No. 03, Biswa Bangla Sarani, New Town, Kolkata-700, 156,

or  Download Scheme Brochure