By | May 19, 2017

GDA Ghaziabad new housing scheme 2017 is soon to launch in the city itself. There has been a long time since Ghaziabad Development Authority launched its housing scheme. Those looking for a new house in Ghaziabad can now get a relief as the authority has approved an affordable housing scheme project in Ghaziabad. As per the latest update, GDA Ghaziabad is going to construct 1712 flats under GDA New housing scheme 2017.

The cost of flats will be as per the old circle rates of the city. It is expected that GDA will earn a profit of 250 Crores from the sale of these flats. General public participating in the scheme will also derive benefits as the cost of flats will be less as compared to current property rates.

GDA Ghaziabad New Housing Scheme 2017 – Details of Flats

gda ghaziabad new housing scheme 2017

  • Total number of flats for sale will be around 1712
  • Out of 1712 flats, 50% flats are completed and another 50% are still under construction. The authority is assuring to complete the remaining construction work soon.
  • Type of flats are not disclosed yet
  • The price of flats will be in the range of 5 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs

More Details

Earlier launched GDA housing schemes such as  Madhuban Bapudhan Yojana(2010), handrashila Apartments, Vaishali Yojana( 2014), Indraprastha, Koyal Encalve and Modinagar Yojana(2016) will be the schemes whose flats will be available for sale under GDA Ghaziabad New Housing Scheme 2017.

Exact number of flats for sale would be:

  • Vaishali Scheme – 59 Flats
  • Koyal Encalve Scheme – 300 Flats
  • Kaushambi Yojana – 158 Flats
  • Modinagar – 50 Flats
  • Madhuban Bapudham Yojana – 700 Flats
  • Chandrashila Apartments – 70 Flats
  •  Indraprastha Yojana – 375 Flats

By end of May, GDA Ghaziabad New Housing Scheme 2017 will lauch for the sale of 1712 flats.