By | August 11, 2017

Allahabad Development Authority is inviting applications for ADA 382 Residential flat scheme 2017. Interested applicants can apply for ADA new housing scheme at Mausam Viahr, Jagriti Vihar, and Vasudha Vihar Yojana at various loacations.

Get complete details like number of flats. size, cost etc in this article.

ADA Allahabad 2017 Flat Scheme for 382 Flats

The details of flats is as follows:

Jagriti Vihar Awasiya Yojana offers MIG-I and MIG-II flats. The number of flats in MIG-I are 209 and no. of flats in MIG-II are 49. Refer the table for more details:

Type of Flat No. of Flats Estimated Area Estimated Cost Registration Amount
MIG-I 44 Flats 67.80 sq. meter Rs.25.68 lakh Rs. 2.57 lakh
MIG-II 209 Flats 54.30 sq. meter Rs. 19.25 lakh Rs. 1,92,500/-

Apply for 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats under Mausam Vihar Awasiya Yojana, ADA Allahabad. The cost of these flats ranges from 41 Lakh to 69 Lakh.

Type of Flat No. of Flats Estimated Area Estimated Cost Registration Amount
3 BHK (Sharad) 07 Flats 133.67 sq. meter Rs.69.72 lakh Rs. 6,97,200/-
2 BHK (Shishir) 49 Flats 102.94 sq. meter Rs. 52.90 lakh Rs. 5,29,000/-
2 BHK (Hemant) 33 Flats 85.51 sq. meter Rs. 43.56 lakh Rs. 4,35,600/-
2 BHK (Basant) 29 Flats 80.25 sq. meter Rs. 41.04 lakh Rs. 4,10,400/-

Details of Vasudha Vihar Awasiya Yojana by Allahabad Development Authority is as follows:

Type of Flat No. of Flats Super Area Estimated Cost Registration Amount
1BHK 08 Flats 66.59 sq. meter Rs.19.15 lakh Rs. 1,92,000/-
2BHK 01 Flats 83.53 sq. meter Rs. 23.84 lakh Rs. 2,39,000/-

Under Jhanvipuram Awasiya Yojana, there are only 2 flats for sale. The estimated area for these flats would be 74.17 – 78.87 sq. meter. One can get these flats at an estimated cost of Rs. 19,28,420 – 20,50,620/.

How to Apply

To register for the scheme, purchase the application form ADA Public Relation Office on 7th Floor of Indira Bhawan, and submit the dully filled application form at the same place. You can also apply online for the ADA 382 flat scheme 2017.

To apply online, go to ADA Allahabad Official Website.

Allotment of Flats: ADA would conduct draw of lots for allotment of flats or houses. An An advertisement will be published in local newspapers to inform all applicants will about the lottery draw date.

Dates to Remember

Registration Starts: 10 August 2017
Registration Ends: 31 August 2017

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